complex of logging works

Private enterprise “Energobudivnyk” since 2020 has been providing services to a complex of works, including: rolling of the forest, trimming of knots, trawling and stacking of whiskers, loading, roughing into grades, cleaning of logging sites with modern mechanical multifunctional logging machines (harvesters and forwarders) for the whole territory of Ukraine.
The complex of works of PE “Energobudivnyk” provides in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, in particular: in compliance with the requirements of legislation on labor protection, fire safety, nature protection, safety, both in the forest and outside it.
It should be noted that in 2021 PP “Energobudivnyk” certified according to standardsFSC-STD-40-004 v.3.0, FSC-STD-40-003 v.2.1 for compliance with the requirements, principles and criteria of international standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Employees of the logging department are experienced operators of logging machines who perform work qualitatively and on time.
Today, the approach of logging is changing, by the transition of such felling from manual to mechanized.
An example is the involvement of forest felling complexes forwarder+harvester. These are unique in their capabilities and technical characteristics professional lightweight, but at the same time very fast forestry machines: harvesters, forwarders, combos.
At the heart of the idea of these machines is a new concept of modern forestry — to carry out felling of forest care without laying technological corridors, which means — without the necessary felling of the trees of the future. This allows you to grow the most productive plantings.
There is a technology by which the forward moves not through every trace of the harvester, but through one, sometimes even through two. Thus, the path of the forwarder is reduced by about half or three times, while the filling of the cargo compartment is accelerated and the productivity of the machine is increased.In priority is quality or quantity?
Is quality or quantity a priority?
According to the calculations of economists of European forestry companies, crews with chainsaws were much cheaper than using harvesters. But, as practice has shown, comparing manual and mechanized workpieces, taking into account only the costs, is not entirely correct
More precisely, it is not at all true, since in this case the forestry effect is not taken into account. And this is the main criterion. Based on the definition, the essence of forest care felling is to remove unwanted trees from the planting and create favorable conditions for the growth of the best trees of the main breeds, aimed at the formation of high-yielding high-quality plantations and timely use of wood.
However, as a result, it turned out that the cost of carves for machine workpiece care is lower than for manual ones. So the effect turned out to be comprehensive. The efficiency of such machines is 20% more productive.


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